Welcome to Bars Hunting Service LLC, with over 40 years of hunting experience.

I am here to guide you on your next hunt. I offer Hunting in Arizona ranging from Big Game Trophy Hunts to Waterfowl Hunts and everything in between. Including: Mountain Lion, Bear, Elk, Deer, Antelope, Javelina, Turkey, Waterfowl. Contact me today for your next guided hunt, I offer great and inexpensive packages!

Over 20 Years of A Successful Hunting Service in Arizona!

You Book your Hunt, You Talk With Me, You Hunt With Me!

Marco Firriolo

E-mail: marco@barshuntingservice.com

Cell: 928-821-1192

Hunting Arizona Big/small Game Hunt service's Since 2002

Hunting in Arizona Since 1991

Bars Hunting Service, LLC, specializes in Arizona fair game chase big game hunting. If you want to hunt public land in Arizona, I can help you find the joy of hunting. I'm an Arizona-based guide service, specializing in fair game chase hunting which means I will help you locate and hunt your elk, deer or antelope. I do not bait or lure animals to specific locations. I follow the animals’ feeding patterns, observe how they travel, locate them and glass them on a regular basis to learn their habits. This is how I provide fair game chase hunting for your game.

Whether you are drawn in Arizona for a bull or cow elk, I can help you find and harvest your game. Bars Hunting Service, LLC, also caters to Arizona Youth hunts and I strive to provide memories for both the youth and parents.

Bars Hunting Service, LLC, will provide the best fair game chase hunts to give the hunter the best opportunity of harvesting game in Arizona.

Bars Hunting Service, LLC, provides fair game chase hunting services for a wide range of animals including elk, deer, antelope, javelina, bear, mountain lion and turkey. There are over-the-counter public land hunts for many of the animals.

If you want to hunt in Arizona for a wide-range of animals contact BARS HUNTING SERVICE, LLC, and take advantage of our superior Arizona big game, fair game chase guide services, and inexpensive packages.



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